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The end of the year 2020 filled many people with hope

that it meant an end to the negativity with which our country had had to cope. 

But self-serving abusers and wrong-doers have shown that they are still here;

their words and actions in 2021 certainly make that clear.

One wonders what powers continue to take over a human brain,

causing many human behaviors to be absolutely insane.

Here we are in 2021 and there certainly is no debate

that many of our leaders and citizens take pride in exhibiting hate.

So … in 2021 and the future, we must overcome any presence of fright

and have the courage to speak out or take actions to fight for what is right

We must fight for the rights of ALL people who live in our democracy

and always challenge the efforts of those who try to establish an autocracy.

So long 2020.

2020 was so long.

Ed. note: The image on the accompanying calendar is an original work by Ms. Tarr.