Dear RoundTable Readers,

We’re excited to let you know that we will be launching an entirely new digital platform next week. Starting next week, RoundTable readers will begin to notice major improvements on our website and email newsletters. Many of our readers like to read us on their smartphones or tablets, and the RoundTable mobile experience also will be much improved.

However, if you access the RoundTable on a smartphone or tablet, we wanted to let you know about an important change that will affect how you access our content.

The new site includes a very mobile-friendly interface that is accessed directly from whatever browser you use on your smartphone or tablet. However, the app you use now (for Apple or Android devices) will no longer be updated starting on January 26th, and will go offline.

Starting on the 26th, you’ll be able to access the RoundTable from your favorite browser on your phone or tablet. Here are instructions for how to add us to your browser:



1.    After January 26 navigate to our new website at, and then press the “share” button. It looks like this:




2.     Scroll down a bit and look for an option labeled “add to home screen.” This will add an icon for theRoundTable to your device screen that you can access – just as you would an app. The new website is built to display content in a highly readable format that we think you’ll enjoy.



A shortcut to the RoundTable also can be added to your Android device home screen. This involves a couple more steps than the process for iPhone; the steps are described clearly, with illustration, here.