As part of a unit on writing Opinion pieces, Kingsley fifth-graders wrote reviews on a topic of their choice related to 2020.  Here are some of their reviews, by students who chose to submit their work. Readers can look forward to more reviews in the coming weeks.

Review of Rocket League

By Calib Lemond

Rocket League is a competitive, fun, cooperative game. In this game, you can play with your friends or make new friends. This game is soccer-themed with boostable, customizable, explosive, and jumpable cars. It’s car soccer but better and more fun. This game has cool and unique cars. Also, it’s fun and you should play.

One reason you might want to play Rocket League is that it has tutorials. There are an advanced and a basic tutorial. In the basic tutorial, it will teach you basic things like flips, drifting, and ball cam.  The advanced tutorial teaches you how to aerial, how to speed up, and how to do jumps.

You might also like the game because of how you get to customize your car. In the game, you can buy credits and buy items in the shop. You can buy skins, wheels, boosts, and much more. Don’t like the color? Use credits to buy them in a different color. The color you want won’t always be in the shop, or it will maybe never be in the shop! But there are apps where you can trade if you have something in the shop you have been looking for but isn’t on your console. Some apps keep track of what’s in the shop.

Another reason you might like this game is it keeps track of skill and success. In Rocket League when you win, score, save, and score unique goals it saves in a place that is called “career”. Also, you can play a game mode called competitive and it has ranks. You can rank up to Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Champ, Grand Champ, and Supersonic Legend. You  can also go a level up. When you get to a different level you unlock item crates that give you free items and other things.

Another reason you might like this is you can play with friends. If you don’t want to play with random people you can play with friends. Invite them to the party and play. If you had a good time with a random player then you can immediately party up with them after. If they don’t join your party, don’t worry. They will be in the “recently played with”.

In conclusion, this game is a perfect game for quarantine. It’s fun, you can play with your friends, you can make friends, it’s free, and you level up. Don’t worry if you are not good at the start. Keep trying and play Rocket League!

Roblox, A Review

By Ella Copeland

Roblox is a virtual game. You can download it on any device and it’s free. You can friend players to play different games. You can also buy clothes, hats, and more to customize your character using the in-game currency called Robux. (Costs real money)

I love Roblox, I’ve been playing it since I was 7. I used to play it on my dad’s old computer but then it crashed so I had to create another account (because I forgot the password). Today I looked at my old account and saw that the join date was 11/22/2017. That’s a long time ago, if you did not know. Since then Roblox has updated a lot, like A LOT.  In my opinion, Roblox is more fun around Christmas (or any other holiday you celebrate around that time). 

Roblox is fun because there are so many activities to do, and the possibilities are endless. It’s also really useful to have during this hectic year. You can play with your friends. I feel like whenever I play with my friends, their games are more fun. To add a friend you can simply search the person’s username in the search bar at the top of the Roblox home page. After you do that you could click the “add friend” button. It’ll send the user a friend request that they can choose to accept or decline. 

Roblox is more than just one game; there are so many different games to play. I have two favorite games on Roblox. They’re called Royale High and Bloxburg. There are other games, too, like Adopt Me or Ragdoll Engine. Sometimes when you don’t know what to play you can also play Obbys. Obbys can sometimes feel frustrating, but in the end, when you finish one, you get to laugh at how mad you were earlier. 

In conclusion, I would totally recommend Roblox. It’s for kids and adults of all ages. I hope you try out Roblox and enjoy it. Thanks for reading!