Northwestern University, having quarantined its returning students until Jan. 17, had pre-made lunches and dinners (and they were very savory) prepared for the students. Many of the students opted out and obtained their own food, leaving the University with a problem: what to do with these excess meals. Throwing away good food was not an acceptable solution, particularly when there are people lining up at food give-aways all over the country.

Terry Devanie unloading at the Midwest Veterans Closet. (Submitted photo)


From left, Gene Garner member of both American Legion Post 42 and VFW 7186; Sarah Sarah Levesque, Sustainability Director Compass Group, Chef Jason Hilgers Best on one of four trips to distribute nearly 300 meals. (Submitted photo)

Enter Midwest Veterans Closet and Give n Kind, who teamed up to find homes for these meals.  The first groups they notified were the Legion and VFW. The two posts rallied the troops and with one day’s notice, signed up to take as many meals as possible.  Other organizations joined in, and every unclaimed meal found its way to a needy soul; not a single meal was wasted.   Approximately 800 meals were delivered to the Midwest Veterans Closet as well as another 100 to Ebenezer Baptist church. This was as grass roots as you can get.  We are fortunate to have both of these posts in our community and believe me, there is much more to come.

Mr. Petty is a member of both American Legion Post 42 and Snell Post 7186.


Mary Gavin

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