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As part of a unit on writing Opinion pieces, Kingsley fifth-graders wrote reviews on a topic of their choice related to 2020.  Here are some of the reviews, by students who chose to submit their work:

Zoom Review

By Elliott Alvarez

Are you a kid stuck at home due to COVID-19 and you are forced to do Zoom? When I say forced I mean FORCED. If you are, then I have the same thoughts as you probably do.  ZOOM. IS. HORRIBLE. Yes I know it is the only way to do school, but I don’t like it one bit. Here I will give you a few reasons not to like Zoom.

The number one reason why Zoom is horrible is that it is SUPER laggy. People sometimes even log out of the call because the WiFi is so glitchy. Also, if you want to share a video, it will break up into little pieces l I k       e      t           h I s. Finally, if someone is trying to say something important and then it glitches, oops, they will just have to type it in the chat. 

The disadvantage of the chat in Zoom is that you can get random chats like this, alksdjf, a million times. Also when someone types something important, then other people can just type right over it and it will take forever to find and during the time you try to find it, there may be more chats. Another reason is the chat can be used to say anything, ANYTHING, so you might get stuff that other people don’t want to see and there is no delete button once you send it. Also, the host can disable the chat so if you NEED to type something important in the chat because someone is glitching, then it can take forever to find out how to make it be able to chat again. Finally, people can just spam the chat with whatever they want until they would like to stop unless you can disable the chat.

But to even get to the horrible chat or even worse, the lagginess, you have to go through the waiting room. You can’t just go in whenever you want like Google Meet. Instead, you have to wait until the “host” lets you in. Then you can’t chat with your friends before school starts if you are doing E-Learning. Finally, you can’t go in until the host is in, and they could forget that they are doing a Zoom call.

So there you have it, a few big reasons why Zoom is bad: the lagginess, the chat, and the waiting room. So if you do E-Learning on Zoom tell your teacher to switch to Google Meet or doing a Zoom call… Nah, let’s try Google Meet instead. 

A Review on Eataly

By Helen Willbanks

Do you like yummy foods? With a good variety? Then read my review, and if you like it, go to this restaurant. I loved it the first time I came.

Firstly, it has good food. Eataly has a huge variety of food. From pasta to pizza to salad, you’re sure to find something you like. The pasta ranges from spaghetti to fettuccine. The pizza can be many types and the crust is to die for. The salad has tomatoes, spinach, and cheese.

Also, the staff is nice at Eataly. As soon as my family and I sat down, they came right over and asked us if there was anything we could have instead of water, and they were very polite. They asked us if we would want a check, and they did it as soon as they noticed.

Finally, it has a grocery store part. The unique thing about Eataly is the fact that you can buy their products from the grocery store. From parmesan cheese to seasoning, there is enough to make you want to buy everything.

I hope this was informative, and that when the pandemic is over, you will go to this restaurant. Please tell me what you think about Eataly.