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Thanks to a change in the law, property owners have two extra months to pay their First Installment Cook County property tax bills without a late fee, through May 3, 2021, Treasurer Maria Pappas said today.

“While we hope and pray for better days ahead, the pandemic continues to test us,” Pappas said. “This waiver of late fees offers some relief to the thousands of homeowners and business people who are struggling to pay their bills.”

The Cook County Board of Commissioners in November waived for two months the 1.5 percent per month late fee on all Tax Year 2020 property taxes. Taxpayers can pay the First Installment, due March 2, 2021, without a late fee through May 3, 2021. Late fees also will be waived for two months for the Second Installment, due later this year.

Tax bills should start arriving in the mailboxes of the owners of about 1.8 million homes, businesses and land, Pappas said.

Taxpayers should look at the front of the bill where a section called “Taxing District Debt and Financial Data,” provides information for each taxing district, including:

•           Money owed by your taxing districts

•           Pension and health care amounts promised by your taxing districts

•           Amount of pension and health care shortage

•           Percentage of pension and health care costs taxing districts are able to pay

Property owners can pay their bills by visiting cookcountytreasurer.com and entering their street address.