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As part of a unit on writing Opinion pieces, Kingsley fifth-graders wrote reviews on a topic of their choice related to 2020.  Here are some of the reviews, by students who chose to submit their work.

PS4 in Review 

By Hank Choi

Are you a kid stuck at home due to Covid 19 and can’t really hang out with anyone? If you are, I am too. I tend to get bored and always want to just erase 2020 and have a year with no Covid, but sadly I can’t, and neither can you. But I have a solution for you, I think you should play PS4. 

One reason I like PS4 is that it is how you can talk and play with others. In all of 2020, we had to be inside so we couldn’t even talk to friends, but on PS4 you can talk and play with almost anybody, like my friend from school. I haven’t hung out or seen him in many months but even though I can’t see him or play with him in person we can talk on PS4. We don’t have to be in-person to have fun and talk.

Another reason I like PS4 is that it is fun. I don’t get to hang out with a whole lot of people and there aren’t many things to do by myself, but with PS4 I can have fun without risking getting sick or getting others sick. There are a whole lot of games, and I can have fun with it, and it has very good graphics (it looks cool).

Another fun thing about PS4 is the variety of games. If you like adventure there at least have to be more than 50 adventure games to play.  If you want to play horror games there are so many games of those. It also makes sure that there are games made for kids and games for other ages, so if you don’t want games with any bad stuff in them, like guns or bloody games, there aren’t any. I have 3 favorite games to play on the PS4: Minecraft, Fortnite, and Rocket League.

I think you should try PS4, because it is a lot of fun. You can play a bunch of games and you can play and talk to your friends, and that is why I think you should play PS4.

The Trends Of 2020

By Lola Mullenix

2020 is the year that started good, and even though it went down the toilet in the Spring (with no paper to wipe!!!) 2020 has ended up being okay.

Every year after Christmas, my dad, sisters, cousins and I go to our vacation house in Wisconsin for a week.  We play in the snow, we sled, and drink hot chocolate by the fire.  My mom stays home and orders out.  Everyone is happy.  2020 started just like this.  Who knew it would have such a turn of events.

In February my parents went to San Diego and came home talking about a virus.  In March we were sent home from school for two weeks, which turned into two months, then alllllllll the days melted together in quarantine.  We painted rocks, my mom made us do exercise videos, we took walks, we unicycled around the neighborhood, we binge-watched a bunch of shows including Downton Abbey, Parks and Recreation, The Office, and every Marvel movie made.  Then things started getting political, but I won’t go there.  There was a happy ending.

In quarantine, we were always experimenting with food and trying new things.  We made individual pizzas with a bunch of different toppings.  We made chocolate lava cakes and a really complicated bundt cake from The Great British Baking Show.  We did not however make bread because that’s just crazy.

Now we’re just waiting.  Thankfully my family makes waiting for fun even though Roxy always has the hiccups, Stella won’t stop watching TikToK, Daddy keeps saying alright and Mommy yells alllllllllll the time.  We’ll keep binge-watching, cooking, and taking long walks, but at least there’s toilet paper on the roll!


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