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As part of a unit on writing Opinion pieces, Kingsley fifth-graders wrote reviews on a topic of their choice related to 2020.  Here are some of the reviews, by students who chose to submit their work.

Burgle Bros.: A Review By Lucas Kim

Are you stuck at home with nothing to do? Well, consider getting the board game Burgle Bros. This board game is a fun way to pass the time on rainy afternoons. It is 2-4 players, so a lot of players/family members can play, and lastly, the game is easy to learn, and has tutorials on how to play online.

First of all, Burgle Bros is an amazing way to pass a rainy afternoon. The game takes about 40 minutes to play and is very fun, but very hard. Sometimes you get caught by the guard, or you trigger an alarm. You play by trying to crack all of the safes and getting to the roof without getting caught by the security guards. The game has a cool backstory where you are trying to rob an office, get the loot, and get out. The characters get special abilities. I always like to be The Rook, but all the players are: The Acrobat, The Hacker, The Juicer, The Rook, The Hawk, The Peterman, The Rigger, The Spotter, and The Raven. 

Secondly, Burgle Bros. is fun, easy to set up. You can play the game with your family. It is not a one-player game like solitaire. The game is a teamwork game, so you have to work TOGETHER to win the game, not only one person wins. You can set up the board however you like, so every time the cards and walls are arranged differently. Once you get good, in the rules book, you can set up the board with harder walls, or a new floor. The game is super fun when you win, and addicting to play. Whenever my family gets caught by the guard, I ALWAYS want to play again and win.

Lastly, the game is small and easy to bring around. Burgle Bros. is in a super small box, so you can toss it in a bag, and it’ll take up a small percent of the room in your bag. The game box also has a super clever design. The box is designed to look like an office, and the logo on the box has a clever font. The “Bs” on the box look like one of the classic burglar masks. All the game pieces go in Ziplock bags, and all fit snugly in the box. 

So, if you are looking for a fun game to play on rainy afternoons with the family, consider getting Burgle Bros. It is a fun game that takes up a nice chunk of time. It is fun and easy to learn and set up and is small and easy to bring around. Get Burgle Bros. I guarantee you will LOVE it!

TikToK Iis NOT Okay

By Maddy Bediz

A lot of people download TikToK having positive thoughts about this social media platform and go out of it with the worst feeling. If other friends have this app it can really make you feel left out seeing others making and doing TikToK and hanging out without you. There are many creepy old men and others on this app too.

          This can be very unsafe. You are allowed to choose if you want a private or a public account. With a private account someone has to send you a request to follow you and then you have to accept. With a public account anyone can watch your videos and follow you. Randoms who don’t post their face can be old men or other bad people. TRUST NO ONE when using this app and following people.

          Next up the lies on this app is crazy. There are people saying it’s one way, but it’s really the other way around. Also, there are 2 different houses that are all famous on TikToK. There is the sway which is all boys, and the hype house which is both genders. The most followed person on TikToK is @charlid’amelio who has 104.7 million followers. There is a lot about canceling people and other stuff like that for the stupidest thing.

          With this app, you can follow your friends and if they follow you back, on the app you will be friends with them. Then with that, you can see their videos. Something that can make me really feel left out is that if one of my friends says they have family plans then later is making TikToKs with another one of my friends. That can make you really sad and left out. Also, just scrolling and scrolling can just make you more sad and lonely even if you don’t realize it.

          So I hope this review will make you realize what you’re getting into, or have been in. It’s also okay to still sometimes go on it, just please don’t get addicted as I did. 🙂