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To date, the City has distributed more than 11,000 vaccine doses to Evanston hospitals, healthcare workers, paramedics, first responders, and those most vulnerable to severe illness or complications from COVID-19. 

On Feb. 5, the City held a vaccination event for individuals 75 years old and older to receive their first vaccine dose. Connie Porteous, who received a vaccination at that event, said things went very smoothly.

A similar, closed event will be held Feb. 12, at which the City anticipates distributing 650 first-dose vaccinations. Next week, the City anticipates beginning vaccinations of individuals 73 years and older. 

Anticipating that the supply of vaccines will increase in the coming weeks, the City is also preparing to distribute a portion of doses it receives to educators, including daycare, early childhood and K-12 teachers, prioritizing those who are or will be doing in-person activities and beginning with the oldest members of this group.

In photo above, firefighter Jay Collins checks in a resident at the Feb. 5 vaccination event at the Levy Center. Submitted photo