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A leaking roof in Fire Station 4, 1819 Washington St., has caused the ceiling to drop into the day room area, according to the City. As the leak continues, there is potential water damage in the kitchen, bunk rooms and day areas, and City officials advise that the spaces “should all stay unoccupied until the source of the leak is identified and the integrity of the roof and insulation is assessed.”

Although there are no changes to the current response plan, Engine 24 will be relocated to Fire Station 2, 702 Madison St., and Ambulance 22 to Fire Station 1, 1322 Emerson St.

The relocations will increase the response time to fire and emergency-service calls by 35 seconds to up to three minutes, according to information from the City. The average response time for the Evanston Fire Department is three minutes, 15 seconds. The critical response time, according to national fire department standards, is four minutes.

The relocations will increase the response time for fire and emergency-service calls by anywhere from 35 second to three minutes.

The weather may delay the roof repairs. Representatives from Riddiford Roofing, the company that installed the roof in 2011, are scheduled to complete an onsite inspection and discuss options. The City said it could take several weeks before the situation is resolved.

Fire Station 4 is the City’s smallest station, and the only one that covers southwest Evanston.  In 2018, the City Manager proposed closing the station, but Council members apparently felt risk to residents of doing so was untenable.

Photo above shows an area of Fire Station 4 blocked off because of a leaking roof. The fire engine and the ambulance have been relocated to different stations, increasing the response time for fire and emergency service calls from residents of southwest Evanston.


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