a medical professional prepares an elderly woman's arm for the Pfizer vaccination
Susan Holtzclaw receives her second dose of Pfizer vaccine from a CVS employee at The Avidor Evanston on Feb. 17 Credit: Evan Girard

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The City has distributed more than 12,500 total vaccine doses to Evanston hospitals, healthcare workers, paramedics, first responders, and those most vulnerable to severe illness or complications from COVID-19. 

This week, the City continued to focus on vaccinating individuals 65 years and older, from oldest to youngest, as well as those living in congregate settings. On Feb. 18, the City will also begin initial vaccinations of Evanston teachers and daycare workers, beginning with the oldest individuals in this group who are participating in in-person learning and activities.

On Feb. 17, the City administered approximately 400 second-dose vaccinations to non-hospital healthcare workers and first responders.

On Feb. 18. the City administered over 180 vaccinations on-site to residents of two congregate living facilities.

Roger Girard receives his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine at The Avidor Evanston on Feb. 17. This photo and top photo by Evan Girard

In addition, more than 230 individuals 73 years and older received their first dose of the vaccine at the City’s first POD event held at Saint Francis Hospital.

On Feb. 19, Saint Francis Hospital hosted another closed vaccination event for individuals 73 years and older as well as teachers. At a separate event, the City will administer 600 2nd dose vaccinations to individuals 85 years and older and frontline City staff critical to the continuity of operations.

Next week, the City anticipates beginning vaccinations of individuals 72 years and older.

Additional vaccination events will be planned as supplies are confirmed and received. 

As with all City of Evanston vaccination events, pre-registration will be required and walk-ins will not be accepted. The City is following a phased approach to vaccine distribution to ensure that those most vulnerable to severe illness or complications from COVID-19 have the first opportunity to register for vaccination events.


Those who received first-dose vaccines at Saint Francis Hospital this week were able to schedule their second-dose vaccines before leaving.

Those who received a first dose at a City vaccination event will receive an email notification from the City’s Health and Human Services Department to schedule an appointment to receive the second and final vaccine dose. The notice should arrive several days in advance of when the second vaccine dose is available. Pfizer doses are administered 21 days (or more) apart, and Moderna doses 28 days (or more) apart.

Those who have not completed the City’s Vaccination Contact Form are invited to do so.

The City is working to reach adults 65 years and older who are homebound due to medical conditions or are otherwise unable to attend the City’s COVID-19 vaccination events. Anyone who fits this criterion or knows someone who does is encourage to complete the In-Home COVID-19 Vaccination Contact Form. Forms are available on the City’s website, cityofevanston.org.

COVID-19 Vaccine Seminar for Seniors

The Levy Senior Center Foundation and AMITA Health will host an online discussion for seniors regarding the COVID-19 vaccines, including side effects, risk factors, and how to stay safe as vaccinations are rolled out to the community. The event will take place at 1 p.m. on Feb. 22, at 1 p.m.