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Unofficial results from the Cook County Clerk’s office show Daniel Biss with a such a strong lead in the mayoral race that there may be no need for a general election runoff for that office.

The County Clerk’s office has said 8,631 ballots were cast, but the number likely does not include all mail-in ballots. Nor does the count include totals for write-in candidates.


With 50 of 50 precincts reporting Citywide, the totals for mayor so far are

  • Daniel Biss, 7,080 votes, 73.62%
  • Lorraine “Lori” Keenan:  1, 641 votes, 17.48%
  • Sebastian Nalls: 856 votes, 8.9%

Should Mr. Biss end up with more than 50% of the votes cast, which seems likely even though some mail-in ballots may not have yet been counted, he would be declared mayor.

City Clerk

In the City Clerk’s race, only the name of Stephanie Mendoza appeared on the ballot; six other candidates put their names in as write-in candidates. With 50 of 50 precincts reporting and 8,631 ballots cast, Ms. Mendoza has received 6,892 votes. The two persons who receive the most votes will face each other in the April 6 general election. The name of the other person, one of the write-in candidates, will appear on the ballot.

Fourth Ward Alderman, 867 Ballots Cast

With six of six precincts reporting, two of the challengers have received more votes than incumbent Alderman Donald Wilson.  The vote totals, which do not include figures for the two write-in candidates, are below:

  • Jonathan Nieuwsma, 476 votes, 38.39%
  • Diane Goldring 404 votes, 32.58%
  • Donald Wilson (incumbent), 360 votes, 29.03%

Eighth Ward, 756 Ballots Cast

With five of five precincts reporting, incumbent Alderman Ann Rainey, like her colleague Ald. Wilson, seems to be in third place. The vote totals, which do not include figures for the two write-in candidates, are below:

  • Devon Reid, 404 votes, 40.16%
  • Matthew Mitchell, 315 votes  31.31%
  • Ann Rainey (incumbent), 287 votes, 28.53%

Short Wait Times and Sunshine Made Voting a Snap

Fifth Ward Alderman Robin Rue Simmons voted in-person and early in the day on Feb. 23.

 “It was really convenient because my grandson goes to Kingsway Prep, which is inside of the Family Focus building, and I could just walk right on over. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood today,” Ald. Rue Simmons told the RoundTable.

Sujal and Elizabeth Patel also said it was a short walk from their home to their polling place at Northminster Presbyterian Church.

A steady stream of voters at Northminster Presbyterian Church. Photo by Heidi Randhava

There were no lines, but there was a “slow, steady stream of voters” throughout the morning, according to a volunteer who was distributing campaign literature for a candidate who will be on the general election ballot on April 6. Lines were short or nonexistent, temperatures reached 45 degrees by noon, and there was sunshine throughout the day

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  1. In all the aldermanic races you report, the “Ballots Cast” numbers are lower than the sum of the candidates’ totals.

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