Daniel Biss

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Mayor-Elect Daniel Biss said he was “very surprised” to learn that he is listed as a candidate for mayor on the ballot in the April 6 general election. Retired Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl alerted him to the fact earlier this week, he said.

Voters casting mail-in ballots and early voters have seen that there is the opportunity to vote for Mr. Biss or a write-in candidate for mayor.

These votes will not be counted, said James Nally, who serves as legal counsel to the Cook County Board of Elections. “This action does not affect the election of Mr. Biss in February. … He remains the Mayor-Elect of Evanston and will be sworn in in May,” he said.  

In explaining the error, Mr. Nally said, “The City of Evanston has a very complex, two-tiered electoral system that is unique from every other municipality in suburban Cook County. They [the City] apply one referendum to the election of mayor, and a separate referendum to the election of all other candidates.   

“When the Clerk’s Office was building the Evanston ballot, we requested that they provide us with a certified copy of the 1992 referendum that applies to the office of mayor, but they were unable to do so.  In that confusion, the name of Daniel Biss was inadvertently listed on the April ballot. “  

Mr. Nally also said that whenever a name is put on the ballot, a “write-in” slot is added automatically.

All voters in the April 6 election will have the opportunity to vote for City Clerk, District 65 School Board candidates, District 202 School Board candidates, trustees of Oakton Community College, and, in some areas, alderman of their ward.  

Early voting continues through April 5; in Evanston, the Civic Center is the early-voting venue. The last day to request a mail ballot is April 1, and the last day mail ballots can be postmarked in order to be counted is April 6. Polls will open at 6 a.m. on Election Day, April 6.

Mary Gavin

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