The Traffic Guy with a mask

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  1. Friends of Lovelace Park has a group of “Treasure Hunters” that regularly pick up litter in the Park

    I like your suggestion but it would take some parents to organize it

    Maybe Earth Day could be an event for all school kids to go treasure hunting


  2. Regarding the trashed city park..if there is a middle school near by, how about turning “lemons into lemonade,” as the saying goes by having the 6th graders adopt the park.

    First to photograph it and to then check on and clean it on a daily basis. Make a journal of these events and the results, sharing it with the folks at the Evanston Review for a weekly update and publication.

    Obviously this serves on many levels, but after having participated in this project, I bet 99 percent of them from that moment on would not ever be so thoughtless drop a used toothpick on the ground!

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