Two more aldermanic contests have filed March quarter campaign disclosure reports with the Illinois State Board of Elections: the First and Fourth Wards. Campaign committees are required to file a quarterly report by April 15.

In the First Ward aldermanic contest, campaign filings show challenger Clare Kelly raised twice as much money as incumbent Alderman Judy Fiske and spent 35% more during the campaign. 

The First Ward aldermanic election has yet to be called.  Results have narrowed during the past several days as mail ballots are counted.  As of the afternoon of April 12, Ms. Kelly led Ald. Fiske by a scant 27 votes, 583 to 556.

The group Clare for First raised $19,946 in the combined December and March quarters and spent $14,861.  Significant donations included $750 from Evanston Firemans PAC; $750 from former 2017 mayoral candidate Jeff Smith, including a $500 transfer of funds from the still active campaign committee “Jeff Smith for Evanston”; and $200 from Ninth Ward Ald. Cicely Fleming.

Citizens for Judy Fiske raised $9,855 and spent $10,794 including an in-kind donation valued at $2,817 from Matt Mirapaul for photography and graphic design.

Other significant donations to Ald. Fiske’s campaign include $2,000 from Barbara Janes, $1,500 from Mayor Stephen Hagerty, and $1,000 from Linda Clarke. Mayor Hagerty also donated $5,000 to the PAC Evanston Together, which sent several mailers supporting Evanston aldermanic candidates including Ald. Fiske.

In the Fourth Ward aldermanic election, campaign filings show Jonathan Nieuwsma raised and spent 70% more than Diane Goldring. Newcomers Mr. Nieuwsma and Ms. Goldring were the top two vote-getters in the Feb. 23 primary, which ousted two-term incumbent Alderman Don Wilson. Mr. Nieuwsma won 58.5% of votes cast in the April 6 election.

Friends of Jonathan Nieuwsma raised $15,195 and spent $13,543, including an in-kind donation valued at $1,950 from the candidate.

Largest cash contributions were $4,000 from the candidate himself, $1,500 from Adam Finlayson, $1,000 from Jeff Smith, $1,000 from Leslie Shad and Joe Brennan, and $500 from Milton Nieuwsma.

Friends of Diane Goldring raised $9,066 and spent $7,897.  Significant donations include $1,250 from Jonathan Lustig, $1,300 from Norman Goldring, $500 from the candidate herself, $500 from Jay Goldring, $500 from Betsy Wilson, and $200 from Cicely Fleming.