‘A Wondrous New Online Art Exhibition’

Artist Julie Cowan has reinvented her reinvention of an art gallery for all. artruckish is the temporary incarnation of artruck, the semi-annual community gathering of artists, art-lovers, and others on Ashland Avenue.

The result is an online exhibit of works by more than 60 artists.

Ms. Cowan embossed sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper with the outline of a room – or the inside of a truck – and invited the artist to make “any kind of 2D artwork” and return them to her to be posted on the artruck website, artruck.org. They will also be posted on Instagram using #artruckish.

Ms. Cowan says after she issued the invitation to artruckish, “a plethora of delight ensued.” She acknowledges, “artruckish is not artruck, where we display art in a couple of trucks for one glorious night in person. It  is a gathering of art, and that is good enough for now … so it is “artruckISH.”

She promises, “You can count on the fact that if we can gather safely in person in September/October for artruck, we will. We will display these works on the trucks.

“We will enjoy the riches of the art, the delight of gathering with others, and the bounty and generosity of the baking of David Bond, aka the Bread Guy.”

artruckish artists

Marcelo Añón, Annie Asebrook, Pamela Baumgartner, Zuleyka Benitez, Ben Blount, Cie Bond, Kevin Boyer, Julie Cowan, Mark DeBernardi, Marjorie Davidson, Melanie Deal, Joyce Elias, Sharon Fiffer, Vanessa Filley, Gabe Freeman, Annette Frost-Jensen, Charlie Friedlander, Ellen Galland, Ben Good, Michele Gorski, Doug Haight, Hope Hasan-Kunovac, Suzanne Horwitz, Robyn Hurtig, Sharon Hyson, Bonnie Katz, Judi Kickel, Jeanne LaCasse, Laura Leith, LP (Larry) Lundy, Kathy Mandell, Yvette Meltzer, Joerg Metzner, Lynn Miller Jones, Socorro Mucino, Barbara Murphy, Kristen Neveu, Deborah Newmark, Darren Oberto, Annette O’Donnell, Ren Picco-Freeman, Leslie Riley, Carole Rosen, Julia Rosengren, Elory Rozner, Mardy Sears, Marla Seibold, Julie Siegel, Eric Sorensen, Rich Sparks, Linda Summerfield, Billy Taylor, Joseph Taylor, Maggie Weiss, Chai Wolfman, Amy Woodbury, Jerry Woods, and Lisa Zschunke

The exhibit is available here.

Mary Gavin

Mary Gavin is the founder of the Evanston RoundTable. After 23 years as its publisher and manager, she helped transition the RoundTable to nonprofit status in 2021. She continues to write, edit, mentor...