One reply on “Nine Free Starlight Concerts”

  1. My comments are threefold: 1. I would love to see articles written about the Arts commission and what’s being done around town with public art, as well as concerts around town at either Northwestern or District 65 or 202 or other downtown locations like SPACE 2. It would be nice to see citizens vote on music coming to town or get input on these concerts and maybe the Roundtable could partner with the city to get some sort of contest going about what type of music people like to know what kind of concerts to have 3. I would love to see coverage Lonnie Stonitsch and the with all that Lonnie and The Fan Network have given this community a spotlight needs to be shined on them. We are very lucky to have them and I have been told by people who have spoken at these events that this organization is without peer in the U.S. Let that sink in for a minute. We truly don’t know how lucky we are. Hats off to Lonnie and the fan they have been life-changing for me and many others over the past two decades.

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