Evanston Police Chief Demitrous Cook (Submitted photo)

4 replies on “City Announces that Police Chief Cook Resigns”

  1. I am hoping for more transparency. The reason for the meeting with 3 council members, as seemingly significant in the sequence leading up to the abrupt retirement, isn’t clear and leaves a vaccuum for mistrust, projection of anger, etc., especially because Chief Cook was perceived by at least some of us as a talented and dedicated force for good in our community. If the $90,000 cost is accurate, I am not suggesting that’s insignificant.

  2. You published….a press release directly from the city? One that happens to omit mention of the lawsuits against the chief? Maybe link to the press release and write a brief story noting the controversy, or don’t publish anything until you can do some reporting around it?

  3. The article forgot to mention that he posted on social media private information of 30 innocent Evanstonians! Plus he cost the city at least $90,000 from people who sued him because of his violation of police policy!

    1. I beginning to understand better that the Evanston RoundTable is not an investigative news outlet. Very unfortunate. And, it leaves room for one that is.

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