Jose Sanchez, Jose Agular Sanchez, Jesus Licea, Leonardo Sanchez, Ben Klitzkie (Submitted photo)

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A friend called a friend who called a friend, and a crew from Nature’s Perspective Landscaping showed up to do some yard work at the Davis Street Post Office.

“Jay DeWitt brought it to Patrick Hughes’s attention” – that the Post Office was looking weedy and seedy, said Ben Klitzkie of Nature’s Perspective. “Once I was there and saw what a wreck the place was, I thought we could do something,” he said. “The weeds were more than knee high; there were dead bushes and big holes in the grass. We mowed down the tall grass, weeded the area, pruned the bushes and removed the dead material – six yards of debris.”

Mr. Klitzkie said he felt the work at the Post Office “instilled optimism. People could take off their masks and hope to inspire other folks.” He said businesses as well as nonprofits can help improve the community.


2 replies on “Green Day at the Post Office”

  1. Natures Perspective! I recognize those men. They planted and groomed all of our beautiful gardens that were designed by their folks..( Mark Watson)..

    And as I sit in our back yard garden and responding to this article, I am listening to the waterfalls leading to the pond, deeply appreciating the quietude and joyfully share the space with the many birds while I wait for the purple cone flowers to bloom and the butterflies arrive!

    Good on them!

  2. Ben and Team, thanks for answering the call! A beautiful building calls for beautiful surroundings. Evanstonians, pls tell the USPS staff how nice this looks when you visit!

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