Some of the refuse left over at Butler Park on July 5th. (Photo by Les Jacobson)

12 replies on “Les Jacobson: Trash City”

  1. Great article, Les! Let’s hope that your message makes a change in people’s attitude about keeping their sidewalks and parks clean.

  2. Great ideas, Les.
    Another thought:
    How much do we teach litter control in schools? I have no idea, but maybe some of the volunteer groups could be school-centric. Teaching our children how littering is a form of disrespecting and degrading our environment is essential.
    And children, “teach your parents well.”

  3. The proximity of the trash on the ground to the trash can suggests people wanted to put the trash into the can. Perhaps the can was already full. Perhaps two trash cans need to be placed either together or some reasonable distance apart in high use areas. Along Evanston lakefront parks there are many trash barrels (or used to be…I haven’t been to a lakefront park for 2 years!) and they are usually located around the picnic, grill, table sites. I don’t remember much trash on the ground.

    1. I only saw one instance where the trash can was so full it would’ve been impossible to put litter in. I think people are lazy, thoughtless or so focused on their kids they can’t take the time. Setting a bad example, this last group.

  4. Many people are just disrespectful of the environment. Where they live or visit. I see it in my building and on my street.

  5. This was an excellent article and his idea of a TRASH CZAR is a good one.
    Also, more cans out on holidays or leave a cache of bags and ties for people to use though rodents get in the bags.

    1. Thanks Camille. A friend suggested that I should be named the city’s first Trash Czar! Whoa, not sure if I’m up for it — probably drive myself nuts trying to get the city to empty overflowing trash bins and spending too much time lurking in the parks to catch people littering. Pretty sure they wouldn’t appreciate being lectured or harangued.

  6. Yes. There’s nothing divisive or controversial about working together to keep our city clean. Maybe you hit
    on The answer to our nation’s current political divide. Work together. Thanks for adopting

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