Last night, July 4, was a horror. Can’t we do something about the gunshot-, bomb-like firecrackers that went on interminably, and that I have no doubt will continue tonight and for several more? This happens every year and it’s traumatizing for neighbors, children and animals. The practice provides absolutely no pleasure to anyone except the self-indulgent “boys with toys” who, somehow, enjoy the tinnitus-causing explosions.

I realize it may not be worth city resources to find and stop the perpetrators, but since the practice is completely predictable, perhaps the City can devise a public service campaign with messages on social media, most likely used by the perpetrators, to impress upon them how upsetting, to say nothing of dangerous and illegal, their “fun” is?

Cynthia Kirk

3 replies on “Reader: Why Can’t City Stop Illegal Fireworks?”

  1. I was floored by the frequency and the volume of the private fireworks in Evanston this year. While I’ve not ever been in a live-fire event, to me it sounded like a war zone. In the over 40 years I’ve lived in Evanston I’ve never, ever heard anything like what I heard on the 4th. I figure that with no official fireworks this year residents took it upon themselves. Thankfully the 5th was pretty much without – though the A/C may have helped block it out if there were more fireworks. Anyway, I’m sure like most of us, I’m looking forward to a more typical experience on 2022. Here’s to that! Happy 4th everybody. Hope you and yours are well.

  2. I thought you all wanted to “defund the police.” Just let the law be broken and enjoy the trauma!

    1. Hi Randall, I’m guessing this won’t make a difference to you, but in case it does: defund the police is about funding responses to issue, other than those that involve police, where the issue at hand is outside of their area of expertise. It’s about putting social workers and other, unarmed, support into action where needed. In other words, to provide the appropriate response to a given problem (many don’t need armed respondents). We all know police are needed when they are needed. We also know that we ask too much of our police – they can’t protect us from a real and present danger and also provide support for a troubled but non-violet person (reference recent events for evidence). So yeah, defund really means fund other solutions where needed. I hope this helps. Happy Independence Day.

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