Chef Q shares her enthusiasm for fresh herbs and vegetables with Family Focus youth program participants. (Photo by Kristin Brown)

The Foster Street Garden was abuzz Tuesday morning with at least two groups of Family Focus Summer Campers, representatives of the Evanston Food Exchange Board that sponsors the Foster Street Urban Agriculture Program, and members of the Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club.

Chef Q Ibraheem taught the campers how to recognize some of the different herbs growing in the garden; the campers then picked the herbs and prepared to make pickles.

Anne Sills and Toni Camphouse of Evanston Food Exchange gave a tour of the garden while Rotarians waited for an opportunity to pull Chef Q away for a photo opp and presentation of a certificate of appreciation.

The Foster Street Urban Agriculture Program is one of 15 local organizations to receive a community service grant from the Evanston Lighthouse club this year. Rotarian Joy Joyce said she was excited about the work the Evanston Food Exchange is doing, not only to provide healthy food but also to emphasize education.

Members of the Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club and the board of the Foster Street Garden at Family Focus. (Photo by Kristin Brown)

Campers in the program participate in a bi-weekly class that focuses on how to grow, harvest and cook the locally grown food, and also how to operate the farm stand. They plan to host an event for campers’ families, who will in the coming weeks be invited into the garden to learn some of these skills from their kids.

Other grant recipients with a similar focus include Edible Evanston, a program of Citizens’ Greener Evanston, and Youth Grow Team, a program of Ridgeville Park District. In speaking about the grant, Ms. Joyce said she was impressed with the way these organizations work together.