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  1. How about naming the person who is taking the place of “Traffic Guy”the “Beach Guy”. Do you realize there is an actual individual who is Evanston’s Gross Point Lighthouse Keeper? Let’s honor what he has accomplished. Just one example, he worked endless hours for this site to be on the National Historic Registry! Please rename the Traffic replacement with another name. Keep the title “ The Lighthouse Keeper” to the person who deserves that title. Thank you.

  2. Any chance you could add hyperlinks when spotlighting a program or event? I’d love more info about the composting through Robert Crown but don’t see anything current on the city’s website. Looks like there was a presentation in April about it.

  3. Can you provide more info please for… “that Evanstonians can look forward to amazing deals, live entertainment and a Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest on the City’s sidewalks, from Downtown Evanston to the Main-Dempster Mile, from July 22 through July 25.”

  4. Welcome, ‘Keeper. Traffic Guy was a hallmarker for most of my 2 decades back in Evanston. Your ability to illustrate the items is a modernizing plus. My original decision to move to Evanston in 1969 was influenced by a Review editor’s willingness to let a reporter do some photography. (Work took me far afield, from 1971 to 2002.)

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