5 replies on “Community Alliance for Better Government Calls for Investigation of allegations of Sexual Abuse and Misconduct in Evanston’s Parks and Recreation Department”

  1. Yes, I have asked someone from the Community Alliance for Better Government to answer your question.

  2. Who runs Community Alliance for Better Government? There are no names on their website. This isn’t transparency. Shouldn’t we know who’s making these statements?

    1. The leadership is literally sidebarred on their Facebook group page:

      ‘CABG Board Leadership includes: Rick Marsh (President), Bennett Johnson (Vice President), Allie Harned (Secretary), Sebastian Nalls (Board), Gail Schechter (Board), Oliver Ruff (Board), Lesley Williams (Board), and Diane Goldring (Board)’.

      From: https://www.facebook.com/EvanstonCABG

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