While out of town, a neighbor – a retired beautician whom I shall call Ann, volunteered to cut my hair. She had done so when I visited a year or so ago. This time, she came over to where I was staying and cut my hair. I knew Ann did not want any payment, but I decided to give her a thank-you card and put a little something inside it.
With card in hand, I exited through the garage of the house in which I was staying where several people had gathered to socialize. I walked across the street to Ann’s house, rang the bell, then went in when she said “come in.”  She had been resting on her sofa. She met me just inside the door. I gave her the card and encouraged her to go back and rest.
I left Ann’s house and had just got down her front steps when I heard a ruckus inside her house. I turned around and saw her on the floor. I ran back in and persuaded her not to get up. She did not want me to call 911. I rushed outside and yelled for someone across the street to come over and also telephoned Ann’s neighbor. The two women arrived. Ann’s neighbor asked me very brusquely: “Well, how did you happen to be here?”  I looked at her, took a deep breath and replied, “I brought her something.”
The three of us were able to walk Ann back to her sofa. She said she had fallen when she got dizzy. However, I noticed that the scatter rug at her front door had no skid-proof backing and was crumpled. I wondered if the rug had tripped her when she started to turn around. Ann, the two women who helped and I are all senior citizens. PLEASE, MY FELLOW SENIORS, GET RID OF THOSE SCATTER RUGS THAT LAY IN WAIT JUST WAITING TO TRIP YOU.