One reply on “Community Alliance for Better Government hosting TIF forum”

  1. How do we register the zoom link is not listed here?

    Also, for the record and according to Paul Vallas ( former head of Chicago public schools and other entities) and Tom Tresser ( a TIF expert) the TIF will not save the black population or any lower-income people of any color it will only push them out. Period. There is no way of getting around this with a TIF.

    Also, when affordable housing is talked about this needs to be defined by the hourly wage or yearly salary. I can guarantee you this does not mean anybody under around 25 or $30 an hour when they i.e Developers or the City of Evanston talks about affordable housing. Taxes will go up and will be frozen for the Developers for about 20 to 30 years. That’s how the TIF works. If you like gambling, this is what you’re talking about. And by the way, the house usually wins in gambling it’s rigged. I am just revealing and words this “slight of hand”. Slick, huh? Or it will be years down the road if it goes through when you see what’s happened and you say she and they were right. I didn’t understand this financial product and I pushed through anyway. That is, if you choose the course of the TIF. Beware. Or, buyer/ resident/ consumer beware, or ” Danger, Will Robinson!” ( reference to the show), “Lost in Space”. If we do this, we will be lost in space in this place or another place for those who can’t afford to be here anymore.

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