One reply on “Eric Rhodes named new president of AMITA Health Saint Francis Hospital Evanston”

  1. I am a patient in St. Francis Hospital and last Thursday I went to the physical therapy session and I was in huge pain, the hospital never helped me, the doctor asked me to call my friend to help me walk out of the clinic, my friend explained to the receptionist guy that he want to pick me up from the physical therapy clinic which is few steps from the reception but the receptionist refused and told him how she entered she can go out by herself, and when I came out I asked him to his supervisor but he called the guard to kick me out of the hospital, I am asking for my right, this hospital policy is to not helping the patients and at the same time not allowing anyone to help us, I am in pain I can’t sleep at night I waited months for the authorization to see a therapist, and now they want me to change the hospital and wait another few months for a new authorization, tomorrow is my next session and I am not gonna face the same person and same problem every time I suffer from the bad treatment of your staff I am coming tomorrow and I will let the media know that this is how this hospital treating the patients with negligence and disrespect

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