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  1. Here’s what my dog did:
    My dog was diagnosed with a terminal, aggressive cancer after having an emergency splenectomy in May. I quickly booked a photo session in our backyard with a local pet photographer, wanting to capture our remaining time together and fearing my buddy’s health would start quickly taking a turn for the worse at any moment. Not to worry though, as he was completely and annoyingly uncooperative throughout the entire session, with the cherry on top being his penchant for repeatedly humping the photographers legs. I’ll never forget hearing the poor guy yell “Seems like he’s feeling pretty good?!” across the yard as my dog was going to town when my husband and I’s backs were turned. Not to mention all of times my dogs “accidentally” tried to trip/kill my husband the first few years we were together.

    It’s been the best of rides, and I am dreading the inevitable heartbreak to come.

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