Sally Marvel showcasing her talents on the beach. (Photo by Wendi Kromash)

A casual bike ride along the lakefront early Sunday evening, Aug. 22, brought an unexpected visual delight to a RoundTable reporter. Famed Chicago-based burlesque and sideshow artist Sally Marvel was posing on the beach, her back to the lake, as a professional photographer directed her. The appropriately named Ms. Marvel, stunningly outfitted in a costume suitable to showcase her unusual talents including sword-swallowing, reclining on a bed of nails, or whip cracking, among others, was friendly and chatty once the photography session ended and the flames she was holding were extinguished. When asked if it was OK to submit her photograph to the RoundTable for publication, Ms. Marvel seemed surprised that anyone would be interested. “Really?” she queried. Really. Watch her perform her show Vaudeville every Thursday at Bordel Cabaret & Cocktail Bar, 1721 W Division St., Chicago. Reservations required, three seatings nightly.

Wendi Kromash

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