One reply on “Open Communities to host housing workshops”

  1. If 400 Americans have as much wealth as 150 million, many Americans are living in conversion vans and tiny homes and you add to that that 70% of the population is making 50 thousand or less regardless of family size … what do you think is going on here? How about time to be immense and teach people how to fish or survive. And for those of you you don’t care about anybody else consider this, that as a business owner who is super large i.e you know the super big guys which need no advertisement know that: 1. This gives big companies more power to do coercive control at work and keep salary depression happening 2. It makes it so companies have so much power politically and gives you less power when you go to buy things as well because there are limited companies you can go to to get your item and it makes it harder to shop around 3. It has pushed the American public to the wall so that people have to work multiple jobs which can then extend the pandemic because of people have to do this, they may go to work sick in order to avoid other consequences

    Then you add to it, massive environmental damage, broken people having mental health issues and then it gets too abuses going on in homes and workplaces because people are not introspecting and they don’t even have time to do it.

    What needs to happen here? People need to vibrate at a higher level of consciousness and use a blend of head and heart.

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