One reply on “Letter to the editor: Bernard Place resident says Lovelace not right place for dog park”

  1. Please take Lovelace Park off the list of potential sites for a new dog park.

    My wife and I agree with Elizabeth about Lovelace Park, and could not have stated the case any better than she did. Lovelace Park is a small village. It has a very relaxing atmosphere about it that draws people from all over Evanston.

    The section of the park in question, the meadows, is an area for contemplation and getting in touch with nature. As neighbors of the park, we see it come to life in the morning with early walkers (yes, many are walking their dogs), joggers, the young and the elderly enjoying this particular area of the park for its peace and tranquility. At various times of the day, the geese, ducks and other wildlife also gravitate toward this area . (We feel that we are advocating for them as well.) There are so few places in the city that are so lovely and inviting.

    The city needs to take Lovelace Park out of the running as a dog park site!

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