2 replies on “Teachers’ statement to District 65 panel”

  1. I support the teachers of District 65. In this year of coming back from Covid it seems burdensome to put all this on the teachers. The students need their full attention to recover from this extraordinary year.

  2. G-dawful behavior and work conditions. This is called cancel culture, in other words. When the underdog speaks up, AKA whistleblower are shut down because someone else more powerful or the big powerful amoeba machine works like big brother to shut individuals. Are people supposed to act like robots when they are supposed to be providing a space for Learning and caring? I mean think of it like this, educators are like “learning nurses” and it’s not just about feeding kids heads with information. How about got emotional intelligence? That is directed at the top and management of District 65. If you don’t provide a warm environment for your people to work in how are they supposed to provide it to the children in the community? How about Lead With Love? Model it. Do it. Live it. Emotional intelligence should be the top priority. If you don’t have emotional intelligence or high EQ what do you think will happen?

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