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  1. Respectfully, they did not get the bike lanes right on Dodge near ETHS, as my son was the victim of a hit and run-in August while in the bike lane just north of Dempster on Dodge. The bike lane markings evaporate as you emerge from behind parked cars at the entrance to the McDonald’s drive-thru. I believe the lane markings need to be continued and signage needs to be posted at that entrance so people turning are aware to look out for cyclists.

  2. Unfortunately, the Dodge Ave bike lanes become unusable in the fall and winter. The city needs to do a better job of cleaning the leaves from the bike lane in the fall and the snow in the winter.
    Also, having better protection than plastic bollards and paint would be very welcome. Currently, cars can park so that the entire bike lane essentially becomes a “door zone”. If a car passenger opens their door without looking they can seriously injure a passing cyclist.
    While I appreciate the work Evanston has done to make cycling safer, we still have a long way to go.

  3. Thanks for pointing these things out! Hopefully the city will seek input from cyclists to improve the situation.

  4. Refreshing, no, relieving, to see explanatory column coverage at the ERT of biking and biker issues in Evanston. Thank you for talking about it here, and not too briefly! The photos are so helpful and I hope help those who don’t bike in Evanston get a glimpse into some of what makes it harder and easier and – at the heart of it – better for all travelers. I hope everyone gets on their bike to ride! And if you don’t have one, look into it! Pollution-free travel and enjoyment are the best.

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