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  1. One way that people who are leery of drinking tap water can get away from single-use water bottles, is to get regular delivery of water in the large bottles which have to be turned upside down and placed on a special dispenser. I’ve enjoyed that category of water in a different State. The same truck and person who delivers full bottles of water for your dispenser, takes away the empty bottles. I’m not sure how the companies handle this – possibly worth asking about. Anyway, when you need to take a bottle of water with you somewhere, you dispense the water from the huge bottle into your durable water bottle (e.g. Nalgene) or canteen. This way, you have bottled water but no plastic waste.

  2. Perhaps an effort by the City government to spend Covid-relief funds on lead pipe replacement would help residents regain faith in our municipal water system. And an effort by water activists to pass state legislation mandating a bottle deposit bill could incentivize return of many recyclable containers not just water bottles. Finally, wide distribution of the facts re bottle production water usage/pollution might help pressure the bottled water/petroleum production industry to improve processes and methods, and bear their fair share of the cost of prevention/clean-up of pollution.