2 replies on “District 65 calls city’s rejection of agreement ‘disappointing’”

  1. As a school board committed to equity and improving conditions for our most marginalized students and families, I find the school district’s objection to the fifth ward TIF extremely confusing. TIFs do not reduce the tax revenue available to school districts. The TIF properties are held on levy at the current value and by law the school district can increase revenues by the CPI (max 5%) against that value. The only change is that the increase will be distributed across remaining properties. Moreover, the new dollars – increased value – from reinvestment in the TIF district – are retained in the TIF district and will promote investment for the many families District 65 board cares deeply about via their equity agenda. If anything this inititiative increases equity by redistributing growth in tax revenue outside the TIF for a distinct period of time. Plus, there has always been a historic agreement between schools and city regarding how growth in the TIF fund during the span of the TIF will be reinvested back to the school revenues on an annual basis. As a supporter of the new 5th ward school, I wonder how the concerns regarding gentrification through investment in the 5th ward strike the Board when it comes to that important issues. I’m perplexed as to the true objective here and hope the school board and administration will apply the equity lens to all considerations for the betterment of our children.

  2. I am equally appalled by the continued misdirection of funds and resources by our City Council. Where is the leadership we were promised? Where is the equity? When is the next election?

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