One reply on “City responds to District 65 statement concerning Five-Fifths TIF District”

  1. Not to be mean spirited, etc. Roundtable has always been forthright in assessing comments in truth. In listening to the voices of voting, it seems to me that they (nay sayers) are not ready to commit to a binding good faith agenda because it has never been done in the past. This council did not understand the issues of “good faith”. OPAL is no longer committed to education; therefore the opinions of others are vague and has not been fully vetted for their reasons. Is thrashing public opinion always necessary to come forth and demand explanations. If this is another fight (that seems to be the status quo in moments of adversity in diversity) then explain faith. Reply is simple political rhetoric and if Council will not abide by the critical issues that will promote a peaceful resolution then another kicking the can while while students must cross the busy streets with each and every parent or someone dedicated to safety to a safe passage in reality.

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