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  1. I have empathy with the school teachers in D65. Too much money is being allocated to high cost consultants and expensive high level administrative employees and not enough on the front line. Just one example; Equity initiatives, such as restorative justice initiatives, are poorly implemented and result in a lowering of standards, and, in some cases, a wholesale loss of order (ask anyone at Haven in the faculty or pupil population about the anarchy there).
    That being said, I feel Ms Barroso’s actions underestimate the stress and trauma that her actions have caused the parent and student community. She owes us an apology in my opinion. We are all suffering from mental health stress…does she think that teachers (who were given extra days off already this year) are any different from the other occupations that the D65 parents have, including front line healthcare workers, first responders and other essential workers? Yet, she feels justified in encouraging teachers to take two extra days off at short notice with the words ‘taking a day off is a good thing’. How utterly selfish when there is a holiday coming up giving everyone a chance to re-charge their emotional batteries.
    When did the D65 community devolve the power to end school classes, in such an arbitrary way, to a Union Rep who teaches 4th grade at Dewey Elementary School? Why does she get decide? Should the community take that power back and give it to the hard working parents and students of D65? This is my opinion. I remain open to debate and welcome your thoughts.

  2. Thanks for transferring the stress from the teachers to the families. At the last minute. This feels more like a protest.

  3. What a mess. I am a single, full-time parent. D65 teachers at our school got a multi-day vacation in October, got several days in September, were scheduled to get Wed-Fri already, and 2 weeks for Holiday Break. Why work at all, teachers? If you are too burnt out, do something else and let’s recruit talent that would want to teach in Evanston, a fantastic City. Now I have to scramble again for child care.

    1. You can always sign up to sub. There are a lot of single parents in teaching whose own children suffer from the time and energy we put in too other people’s children. God forbid you as a parent take time out for your own kid.

    2. Teachers are NOT babysitters, and it’s incredibly insulting for you to treat them as such. Your childcare issues are yours and yours alone. If you don’t have the means to take care of them appropriately maybe you shouldn’t have procreated. Your children are entitled to X number of days of education per year, and they will get them. The letter stated two days will be added to the end of the school year or because made up using emergency days.

      1. No, its incredibly selfish, entitled and privileged of you not to realize that when school is cancelled at short notice, parents have very real problems caused by the fact that the published school schedule is not being followed.

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