3 replies on “Text of teachers union president’s emails to members”

  1. I don’t have a dog in this fight, and I have no current connection to District 75 except as a taxpayer and longtime supporter of equitable, accessible public education for all Evanston kids. Reading between the lines of the Rountable’s coverage, I come away with the view that this incident reveals some kind of power struggle between the union and the superintendent. And I have to ask, where is the board of education that we elected to manage the district in fraught times? I don’t know what the union thinks they may win from this, but what is clear, as has been eloquently pointed out by in parents’ comments, is that kids and parents are once again on the losing side.

  2. This is a union boss email if I’ve ever seen one. Really gotta read between the lines here. Sad that the district has come to this.

  3. “…educators are being professional and responsible…”? No they’re not. Professional and responsible conduct does not include calling in sick when you are not sick. It doesn’t include calling in sick for two days prior to an extended holiday break. Five days off in a row is not enough time for a “mental health” break? Professional and responsible conduct does not include causing the district to cancel in person learning for two days and disrupting the lives of parents and families. What a mess. Is there any wonder why enrollment is down significantly?

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