4 replies on “City announces 2022 parking updates”

  1. I hope that Evanston will CLEAN (and keep clean) the parking garages or press the contractors to do so. The Maple garage has been filthy and I received no response from 311 when I asked about this. Not Covid safe for sure( sticky elevators with whiffs of bathroom use) and not conducive to ShopEvanston. This is something that could be done now before the improvements.

  2. I agree with David about the parking zones. I was trying to find a pay box last spring for a short section on Chicago Avenue, where there apparently isn’t one, but as I walked to each possible pay box in the vicinity, it was in a different zone than where I’d parked — even though I could see my car from each location.
    Also, I don’t want to get the mobile pay app. I try not to connect my phone with anything that is related to my credit card, mainly as a safety precaution, so the mobile pay zones are useless to old-fashioned people like me.

  3. I would like the city to include public toilets in the major parking garages.

    Additional revenue generated from the updated parking garage fee structure will support an improved experience for drivers utilizing the city’s downtown garages. Planned garage improvements include elevator upgrades, new security cameras and additional security personnel.

  4. These updates are a great start. Thank you.

    I’d like Evanston to also consider having a parking rate that covers multiple zones in the city to support local businesses. I don’t mind paying a parking fee. I just don’t want to have to pay multiple times because my shopping has me parking in multiple zones.

    A simple solution is to allow the person parking, through the app, to change/update the zone they are parked in. Let people purchase parking time and update the zone they are parked in during their paid time.

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