One reply on “District 65 Board member Biz Lindsay-Ryan: Statement at Dec. 6 Policy and Committee meeting”

  1. You are correct in stating ‘things are not OK’. We have a school board and Superintendent intent on implementing the most extreme and radical Racial Equity programs (to the point of it being like a cult or religion) using policies which blame all the achievement gap solely on structural racism and in a way which will result in lower standards for all. There are a myriad of reasons why black and brown students underachieve and these should be addresses but your ‘equity’ policies such as ‘no homework for middle school students because some kids can’t do homework at home’ will only lower the bar for all, not fix the underlying issue. Furthermore, the school board seems to want to brand any criticism as ‘White Superiority’ and in effect ‘cancel it’. We saw evidence of that already when we read the letters to Dr. Horton (published in the newspaper) from concerned parents who were inexcusably branded as ‘white supremacists’ just for disagreeing with policy. In any other job, the Board and Superintendent would have been (and should have been) fired. From what I can tell, most of the parents I know have had enough of it and are either moving or going to private schools. It’s a shame as Evanston will suffer if people leave because they perceive the high property taxes paid no longer equate to high quality schooling.

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