Police officers outside ETHS during Thursday’s lockdown at the school. (Photo by Adina Keeling)

Evanston Police Department Commander Ryan Glew told the RoundTable Saturday that police have charged three 16-year-old male students at Evanston Township High School in connection with Thursday morning’s lockdown.

According to police statements and a message to the community from Superintendent Eric Witherspoon, an ETHS school resource officer apprehended eight students allegedly smoking cannabis in a bathroom around 9:30 a.m. Thursday. While searching their backpacks, the officer found two loaded handguns and marijuana. The discovery of two guns triggered the lockdown that lasted until 12:40 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

Police have charged two of the students with felony unlawful aggravated use of a weapon on school property by juveniles, Glew said. Another student present in the bathroom was charged with misdemeanor cannabis possession and referred to juvenile court, he said.

The other five students detained by police on Thursday in connection with the lockdown have been released without charges, according to EPD.

The Evanston City Council has a special meeting set for 6 p.m. Monday, Dec. 20, to focus on violence prevention. The meeting was scheduled after the Nov. 28 shooting on Green Bay Road that killed one teenager and left four others hurt. The session is slated to discuss a proposed $867,500 expansion of the “My City, Your City, Our City” Initiative to address youth and family violence prevention strategies and services for families affected by violence.

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3 replies on “Three students charged after lockdown at ETHS”

  1. The idea of gun control, seems to no longer be in fashion. However, to me, that is the essence of what we need, in Evanston, in Illinois, in the entire United states. Gun control. However, Malcolm X talking about US foreign wars said, The pigeons will come home to roost. Meaning, as long as we promote violent wars abroad, it will be very difficult to have peace at home. Stop violence abroad, stop US wars, and lets use our resources to love, not to kill, to have programs for our children and our people here at home.

  2. Hi,

    My daughter was at ETHS when the lockdown went effective last Thursday. While I was quite worried, the fact I had some information from up-to-date researches on mass shootings by reading a book checked out from the Library “The Violence Project” by Jillian Peterson, PhD & James Densely PhD, Abrams Press, helped me to remain calm.
    I highly recommend the city and schools to utilize the information in the book.
    The most horrific shootings are usually initiated by a lone male with a broken hart, unable to build a good relationship with even one adult (parent, mentor, teacher, counselor or other relative etc. ) This time, those students may not have been serious, while the impact on the community is huge.
    In any case, there are too many guns around. Could Evanston and neighboring municipalities including Chicago to collaborate and start (restart?) buy-back programs?
    Thank you,

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