Dear Reader,
When we transitioned the Evanston RoundTable to a nonprofit digital news outlet last year, we knew that we had our work cut out for us. Our objective was to establish a sustainable local news organization for our community’s future, building on the strong reputation that the RoundTable established during its more than 20-year history as a printed newspaper.

The team of Evanstonians who came together to support this effort passionately believe in the importance of local journalism and the RoundTable’s mission. We had one other thing going for us: confidence that Evanston is the kind of town that would help us get there.
And you have not let us down. As we wrap up 2021, the RoundTable has attracted more than 1,000 paid members who support our mission. We finish the year with an expanded editorial staff, a revamped digital platform, numerous editorial awards and a vastly wider readership.
But our work is not done. In 2022, the RoundTable will redouble our investment in people – that means writers and editors. And most important, we will continue to improve coverage of the stories that matter most in Evanston: city government, schools, social justice, the environment and arts and culture.

Please consider a year-end gift to the Evanston RoundTable. From now until Dec. 31, national and local community sponsors will match your new donation to the RoundTable. Your gift will sustain our journalism through 2022 and beyond.

With gratitude,

The RoundTable team

P.S. Email, if you’d like to make a gift in honor of, in celebration of or in memory of a family member, friend or colleague. We’ll send a letter acknowledging your gift and a “Support Local Journalism” car magnet to your designated honoree.

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  1. I was privileged to be part of The Roundtable team during some of its early days and am glad to see its evolution and growth into such a significant source of information in the community. Even though I no longer live in Evanston, I still enjoy reading the articles and am pleased to be a supporter of this important institution.

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