Robin Rue Simmons’ mother, Freida Morris, and her godfather, Alvin Humes (Photo by Richard Cahan).

Robin Rue Simmons led the push for local reparations while serving on City Council, and her mother, Freida Morris, and godfather, Alvin Humes, said they could not miss Thursday’s event selecting the first 16 recipients.

When did Morris know her daughter was special?

 “When she didn’t want me to read stories at night. She said, ‘I’ve already read it mommy. Will you go to your room?’ I knew she was different as a little girl.”

How proud is Morris of her daughter?

 “Seeing her stand behind the president of the United States as he gives a speech. Absolutely am I filled with pride – but not surprised.”

 How proud is Humes?

 “Her mom might not brag that much, but I’ll tell any stranger in America: ‘See that girl on television on CNN? That’s my baby.’”

Richard Cahan

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