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Despite sub-zero temperatures, a cold weather advisory and up to 10 inches of snowfall, residents headed outdoors this week to explore – and photograph – snowy Evanston. We were wowed by the submissions that flooded our inbox this week.

The recent snowfall inspired our RoundTable photographers as well.

Adina Keeling

Adina Keeling is a photojournalist and reporter, covering city news, sustainability, schools, and art. She also investigates mental health systems and environmental injustices in Evanston, and puts together...

One reply on “The week in photos: Jan. 24 – Jan. 31”

  1. Referring to the picture of the southbound Purple Line train crossing the bridge over the North Shore Channel, said bridge hasn’t received a new protective coating (repainting) for the past 90 years. Also, more accessible to the public eye is the viaduct at Lincoln & Ridge, where that rusty bridge overhead hasn’t seen attention for who knows how long? With the latest national concern for our bridges AND the collapse of one in Pittsburgh, isn’t it time that Evanston hounds the CTA to get into action. Both these structures initially involve lead abatement containment as the steel work has to be blasted to bare metal.

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