3 replies on “Is secretly serving chicken broth to vegetarians OK?”

  1. Regarding Dear Gabby’s advice for the cook who wanted to use chicken bullion in a recipe for vegetarians. All was going so well in the response until the last line. Simple answer – no, it is not okay to sneak in animal products when cooking for a vegetarian or vegan. As a vegan, I would be horrified and feel betrayed by anyone who thought this would be all right. Whether our choice to not eat animals or animal products is due to health/ethics/spirituality/environment, it should be respected – if you can’t, then please do not invite me for a meal . I agree with Jean in an earlier comment; not cool or funny.

  2. Worst advice ever on the. Not telling your guests about something you know they are not ok with. You owe an apology and reversal. Not cool or funny.

  3. Don’t use salt-laden bullion, chicken, or vegetable. Just place some celery leaves, small chopped onion, and other stuff lurking in your fridge in a small pot. Perhaps add broccoli or cauliflower stalks etc. Cover with water, and boil for 15 minutes. Much quicker than running to the store.

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