4 replies on “An open letter to District 202: Please, no metal detectors”

  1. Thank you for sharing this perspective. Interestingly enough, those same parents that demanded children be back in school last year prior to the availability of COVID-19 vaccines for faculty and staff are some of the same parents who now care about student, faculty, and staff safety and want metal detectors. They are also many of the same parents who disrupted affinity groups earlier this year. They are loud, privileged, and….. white.

  2. What a crock! Instead of a metal detector, will parents tolerate their kids being frisked with inspection of backpacks? I doubt it! What’s the big deal with walking thru a detector? Chicago public schools have them. Ditto for many governmental buildings. Libraries have a detector to prevent pilferage of books. Any attempt to “shield” kids from these devices and the alternatives is ridiculous. They only want to grow up safely, so whatever we can do to ensure their future is mandatory.

  3. So you are willing to impose a non-zero risk of gun violence on ETHS students, so your children don’t need to suffer the trauma of participating in a community wide risk reduction program. All for the sake of long term philosophical approaches with zero track records. How would that rationalization go over in retrospect In the communities devastated by in school gun violence. Guns, gun access, and a culture of violence aren’t going away soon, so protect these environments NOW

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