Morris “Dino” Robinson Jr. and Jenny Thompson show a document they used to write a report that won a prestigious award from the National Council on Public History. They were named the nation’s top public historians for their detailed summary of racial discrimination. It helped Evanston create the reparations program. “I think this report illustrates how an archive can be used to encourage movement,” said Robinson, founder of Shorefront Legacy. “I’ve always considered myself a public historian,” said Thompson, with the Evanston History Center. “I’m not in the academy only talking to my peers.” (Photo by Richard Cahan)

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  1. Kudos to Morris “Dino” Robinson, Jr. & Jenny Thompson for their work in winning the award from the National Council on Public History. I hope that the recent “beach incident” doesn’t prevent receipt of future recognition for helping our citizens while mitigating racial discrimination.

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