2 replies on “Carrying on with tradition at Hecky’s Barbeque”

  1. What a charming newsletter about your town of Evanston. I live in a small town in Wisconsin, Cudahy, and miss our local newspaper, entitled the Cudahy Reminder. You are privileged to have the local participation and wish to know some things you were able to start this endeavor. Blessings and carry the newsworthy items you have talked about, Bravo to you.

  2. I wish to express my thanks to Mayor Tisdahl for the latest episode of “ People You Should Know. “ Hecky’s Barbeque exemplifies all the characteristics of a successful business with altruism. It is gratifying to see business success with social dynamism. Wonderful that Cheryl is continuing that tradition. This speaks volumes of the opportunities provided by Evanston Township.

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