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  1. Dear Lighthouse Keeper, Years ago, if I am right in my thinking, there was an art installation at Noyes Cultural Art Center including a life-sized horse sculpture outside along Noyes St.
    If I remember correctly, during the exhibit the horse disappeared. Is it possible that the new mystery horse Sea Biscuit is a repainted version of that horse?

  2. Newspapers have columns that contain news and they also have columns for opinions. Both have value. “The Lightkeeper Sees” is an opinion column in this on-line newspaper and I find it interesting.

  3. My understanding is that Seabiscuit was in front of Joe Levy’s Buick dealership. When he died, he gave it to Pat Hughes, who as a Canal Shores volunteer, installed it there. Joe Levy was a philanthropist in Evanston who gave us the Levy Center…and Seabiscuit.

  4. I like this column, and if it matures to be half the column it replaced, The Traffic Guy, I’ll like it even more. Keep it going!

  5. That Seabiscuit statue use to be in front of a business on Main St in Skokie several years ago – I wondered where it’d gone … LOL

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