2 replies on “Les Jacobson: Earth Day all the time”

  1. Thanks, Les! and here’s the tip: always carry a bag or 2. You’ve got all those light plastic takeout bags or produce bags, or bread bags, or dog poop bags. That way you can use the bag like a glove & pick up the trash without direct contact, the way you’d pick up after your dog.

  2. Bravo Mr Jacobson! Although you may get some pushback from Lima Bean lovers, I appreciate your reminders that Earth Day is indeed important Everyday for all of us blessed to live on this beautiful blue planet.
    There are so many organizations and sources of information here in Evanston to help you get started on changing habits and adopting Earth-friendly behaviors. Attend one of the many events, ask questions and find other things you can do to help keep Evanston beautiful and green. Picking up litter, using trash and recycling containers, composting food and yard scraps, walking to local nearby merchants – we can do it! And we and future generations will all benefit

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